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specialized wordpress web hosting company–pressidium

Pressidium, real specialized hosting provider for wordpress, recommended by webhostingtalk users.

wordpress hosting company recommend-pressidium

find the plan that fits your needs

1 WordPress Install/10K visits/5GB HA SSD:$24.90
3 WordPress Install/30K visits/10GB HA SSD:$49.90
10 WordPress Install/100K visits/20GB HA SSD:$149.90
50 WordPress Install/1 Million visits/40GB HA SSD:$599.90


pressidium advantages:

  • Automagic Scalability & Automated Backups
  • Full Server Management & DevOps
  • Managed web application firewall
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • HA SSD Storage & CDN
  • Instant Backups & Integrated PHPMyAdmin
  • One-click deployments from staging
  • Enterprise Architecture & SSL Support
  • Fully burstable elastic cloud
  • Different data center location: North America, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and Oceania

pressidium alternatives

WP Engine
10GB Space/25,000 Visits/1 Domain Allowed: $29
20GB Space/100,000 Visits/10 Domains Allowed: $99
30GB Space/400,000 Visits/25 Domains Allowed: $249
WP Engine is the premium managed hosting service for websites and apps built with WordPress, specializing exclusively in WordPress. Whether you are setting up a personal blog or an intricate and complex multi-site for your brand, WP Engine makes managed WordPress hosting simple, scalable, and secure.
– 25% off + 2 month free with coupon code “webweek25”
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Lightning Base
Lightning Base
1 WordPress Site/10,000 Pageviews/1 GB SSD Storage/10 GB Transfer: $9.95/mo
3 WordPress Sites/25,000 Pageviews/3 GB SSD Storage/25 GB Transfer: $19.95/mo
10 WordPress Sites/100,000 Pageviews/10 GB SSD Storage/100 GB Transfer: $49.95/mo
25 WordPress Sites/250,000 Pageviews/25 GB SSD/250 GB Bandwidth: $99.95/mo
Global CDN included, SSD Raid-10 storage, Multi-site support & Automatic backups.

pressable Managed WordPress Hosting
5 Domain Allowed/60,000 Shared Pageviews: $20.83/mo
10 Domain Allowed/200,000 Shared Pageviews: $37.50/mo
20 Domain Allowed/400,000 Shared Pageviews: $75.00/mo
30+ Domain Allowed/600,000 Shared Pageviews: $135.00/mo
100+ Domain Allowed/5,000,000 Shared Pageviews: $750.00/mo
Pressable, fornerly known as ZippyKid, is reliable WordPress hosting for businesses and developers who expect more. It combines the most reliable WordPress hosting infrastructure with outstanding support to make publishing with WordPress effortless. CDN Included Free, 1-click cloning tools, 24x7x365 dedicated,wordpress experts support.
– 15 day no-risk trial
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pressidium reviews

I can recommend you two Provider, considering Your budget, Lightning Base and Pressidium. I am using the first and it is really Amazing. They use Apache, Varnish Cache, Php 5.5 and OpCache, SSD and CDN for free.
– by Doraj. Read Recommend Speedy WordPress Optimized Hosts at
I’ve tested Pressidium in the past and they are definitely optimized for WP more-so than most companies. I’m fully with you people calling it all a gimmick though when there are actual companies who do it well. Just because some use it as a gimmick doesn’t mean there aren’t great companies in the space who aren’t a gimmick. Glad to hear they are treating you well so far.
– by kohashi. Read more reviews at
Been lurking around this forum for some time but decided to register when I saw this thread.

Since August (2015), I have had 7 (now 6) WordPress sites hosted on Pressidium’s ‘Professional’ plan with their added CDN support as two of the sites have a broad international audience.

I chose to go with managed hosting as it was taking increasingly more time to maintain, monitor and optimize a whole series of sites (a mix of personal sites and volunteer-based projects) on shared hosting as well as maintaining stable performance without time-consuming server hiccups.

As far as Pressidium’s support, it’s stellar. Out of about a dozen support tickets, response times are as rapid as 60 seconds (such as when requesting them to toggle CDN, caching, etc.) and, in my case, ~25 minutes at the longest. They’re very helpful, friendly, and will log onto your site to help sort out any issues if needed (they will find the solution then show you how to carry it out yourself).

Performance-wise things have been stable and very satisfactory. No issues with down-time or sluggish load times as of yet.

Their control panel (CP) dashboard is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate so you should be able to get up and running pretty quickly. Backing up and restoring your sites from the CP takes a couple of clicks and you’re done.

So, all in all, I can definitely vouch for Pressidium.

As an aside, I’ve been learning Ubuntu Linux server administration and will thus soon be moving some of the less busy sites off of Pressidium and onto a cloud server (@ that’s been configured and optimized for running WordPress installs, and then manage the sites easily via the command line interface (CLI). I appreciate the added control and flexibility that this option provides once you know your way around the server through the CLI.

Hope you figure out a good solution for yourself, wevzstir.

– by Nichlas. Read more reviews at

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