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international package forwarding company-shipito

Shipito is a package forwarding service provider founded in 2008, provides US address to customers who purchase products in the U.S. and have them shipped anywhere in the world.

  • Your own US address for free
  • Free photo of each incoming package.
  • Free storage up to 180 days
  • 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24 hours 7 days a week live support.
  • No sales tax if you ship to Tualatin, Oregon location
  • Can assist with purchases and arrange payment if you do not own a credit card.
  • Use Shipping Calculator for exact shipping cost
  • Helping with returns, warranties issues, etc.
  • Available to customers all over the world except Iran, North Korea and Sudan.
  • Accept credit cards (except in certain countries), Paypal, Bitcoin and wire transfer.
  • Provides a hassle-free way for all merchants to expand their sales to customers all over the world.
  • Partnered with US Unlocked to give you the opportunity of having your own U.S. card with U.S. billing address.



Stackry coupon code
– 45 days free storage
– No fees to receive packages & No membership fees
– Save up to 80% with package consolidation
– $10 OFF for your first shipment with code: cv21xrekfd

USA address
MyUS ships to more than 220 countries and territories, with happy members around the globe–from Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, Angola and Canada to the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Brazil and beyond.
Sign up today & get a USA address
– 30 day free trial + 20% off your 1st shipment
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Since 1998 UASbox has provided postal addresses in the USA. We have over 62,000 registered customers. With the USAbox package forwarding service, you will get a street address where you can receive letters and large packages and we will forward them to you anywhere in the world.
– No setup fee & Monthly fee
– Multiple language website
Visit USAbox

customer reviews

Excellent Service & fair pricing & easy backend

I have used Shipito many times before and compared to other forwarding services – it has been a great experience.

+ Excellent Service, especially when you need extra services such as consolidate 2 parcels into 1
+ Fast processes, extra services only need 1 working day
+ Fair pricing, I paid for another company 100$ more for 1,5 kg package
+ Great software, backend, easy to use

Happy returning customer 🙂 Keep on the good work

– by SeglerOilver. Read more reviews at

Shipito has been my favorite forwarding mail service, however lately the service been slightly trended down from packaging quality to the charge of shipping and the speed of processing but it remains on top of competitors at least for me.
– by ESSA A. Read more reviews at
I used this package forwarding service to get a parcel sent to Australia from an international eBay seller. Parcel was sent and unfortunately ‘lost’ by Australia Post. I lodged a claim with Shipito being the sender and waited 3 months to be told it wasn’t insured so i wasn’t entitled to any compensation for item or postage cost. Update, Shipito has refunded monies even though Australia Post is at fault – shame on you Aussie Post! You need to take a leaf out of their book and learn what real customer service is.
– by rob. Read more reviews at

shipito international package forwarding company

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