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eleven2 customer reviews

Read eleven2 customer reviews (positive and negative) from real customers before buying.

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eleven2 customer reviews

We have been with Eleven2 for almost 6 months now and are incredibly happy with the amazing servers and professional support they have! Not once have we had any major issues with Eleven2, they are a class of their own. We are more than proud to say that we are hosted with Eleven2!
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Eleven2 Hosting is Horrible – BEWARE!
I just signed up recently for hosting with Eleven2 because I thought they were great from what I read. Apparently they have gone downhill. I have tried to access their chat for support and it just says “Calling Online Representative”. Looked for a phone number, but nothing is visible for reaching them by phone. So then I attempted to put in a ticket. Im logged into my account but see no button to submit a ticket so I emailed them as per the suggestions found in their help page. Once I emailed them I got an auto reply that says I need to signup for their ticket system. Well how do I do that when I am already logged into their “Brain” customer portal? I tried emailing sales and simply got back an auto reply with a low importance to it.

Why do I need support in the first place? Well my site was suspended for some reason. I logged into the customer portal and my payment is all good. I never received any email whatsoever about any suspension. So why do they suspend the account without letting me know? I just signed up 3 days ago and Im already dealing with this garbage. My confidence in this host has gone to zero.

Anyone considering moving to them needs to be very cautious.
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I’ve been using eleven2.com hosting for a long time. And also I have experience with other hosting companies,. but eleven2.com is only one who is really reliable and I hadn’t any troubles with them. If you are looking for trusted and high quality hosting provider – eleven2.com is a great choice!
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I have been with Eleven2 since 2014. Their service is great, I have had no major issues with them, and whatever issues that crop up along the way can easily be resolved when you raise a ticket with them. Recommended
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2 years and love Eleven2
Eleven2 does use cPanel which I do like. Also, they do integrate with CloudFlare. Customer support is very good with them, too. I would have to say that their support one reason I am still a paying customer. I disagree with your expert review when you state their customer support is lacking. I have used them for 2+ years. Never had an issue with them.
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Great hosting!
Their support certainly is 24/7 although it may sometimes take a few hours to respond, however they make this up by going the extra mile and doing whatever you ask with their fully managed virtual and dedicated servers (I even found the same when I started with their shared web hosting!!!). Great company, can’t fault them for anything – meet stated uptime SLA, low latency and of course fully managed!
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