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cyberlink powerdvd discount code

Buy cyberlink powerdvd 16 & save with coupon / discount code below.

cyberlink powerdvd discount code

PowerDVD 16 Ultra
on sale now, 65% off, regular price: $209.85, now $64.95
Plus Backup, Burn Solution & Fastest Converter
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you can purchase this software at Amazon: $59.99

  • All-purpose entertainment media player for Blu-ray 3D, DVD and 4K playback. You can now wirelessly send any media to your big screen through a Roku, Apple TV or Chromecast device.
  • All New TV Mode lets you control and enjoy PowerDVD on your big screen TV to immerse yourself in a movie watching experience.
  • Market leading audio support for a truly immersive sound environment. PowerDVD supports master quality sound technology-Dolby and DTS.
  • PowerDVD Remote: Sit back and relax while you browse and control your entertainment using your mobile phone.
  • Discs, files, ISO images, subtitles formats – PowerDVD supports it all! In PowerDVD 16 more formats support than ever before and ongoing improvements to TrueTheater enhancement technologies.

powerdvd 16 reviews

Two years ago, I upgraded to PowerDVD 14 Ultra. Because PowerDVD 14 Ultra did not support FLAC audio, I still often used the VLC media player to play content that has FLAC audio. And to play ISO images on disk, I use Daemon Tools to mount ISO files to virtual drives that both PowerDVD 14 and VLC could then play. The free VLC media player also starts up a lot quicker than PowerDVD if I just wanted to quickly view something. Support for FLAC audio and the ability to play ISO images were both added to PowerDVD 15, along with a PowerDVD Remote app that lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote control. PowerDVD 16 Ultra’s two main improvements to PowerDVD 15 Ultra are: (1) a new “TV Mode”, which I do not find that much more useful than the usual “PC Mode”, and (2) some YouTube features such as the ability to download YouTube videos to play offline and the ability to upscale YouTube videos to HD quality, and the ability to watch Vimeo videos.
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I’ve enjoyed using this software for a long time now. It has made watching DVD Movies on my laptop or desktop computer simple.
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