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cloud vps hosting providers list

A list of cloud vps hosting providers. Sorted Alphabetically.

Price range $7-$56/mo
40 GB SSD Disk Space/2 GB Memory/2 CPU Core/3 TB Monthly Traffic:$14/mo
– Linux or Windows, global CDN, Remote backup, on-demand scalability
– 4 datacenter locations: Toronto, California & New York, Paris and Lincoln

7 packages price range $7.70/mo – $168.00/mo.
– 0.50 GB Memory/20 GB SSD Disk/1 CPU Cores: $7.70/mo
– 4 GB Memory/80 GB SSD Disk/2 CPU Cores: $28.00/mo
– 32 GB Memory/320 GB SSD Disk/8 CPU Cores: $168.00/mo
cPanel Control Panel & worldwide locations
Linux and Windows virtual private servers
URL: http://www.colossuscloud.com

24 packages price range $9.95 – $239.95
1 GB RAM/20 GB SSD RAID/500 GB Bandwidth/1 CPU Cores: $9.95
12 GB RAM/130 GB SSD RAID/Unmetered Bandwidth/6 CPU Cores: $179.95
24 GB RAM/250 GB SSD RAID/Unmetered Bandwidth/12 CPU Cores: $239.95
– start a trial only $1
URL: https://www.dotblock.com/

4 packages price range $49.95/mo – $129.95/mo
– 1 CPU Cores/1GB RAM/24GB SSD Space/2TB Transfer: $49.95/mo
– 4 CPU Cores/4GB RAM/96GB SSD Space/4TB Transfer: $79.95/mo
– 6 CPU Cores/8GB RAM/192GB SSD Space/8TB Transfer: $49.95/mo
Fully Managed & cPanel control panel
Visit http://www.fastcomet.com/cloud-vps

16 packages starts at $6.00/mo
– 1 CPU Cores/1GB RAM/25GB Space/1TB Transfer: $6.00/mo
– 2 CPU Cores/8GB RAM/200GB Space/8TB Transfer: $6.00/mo
– 4 CPU Cores/16GB RAM/400GB Space/16TB Transfer: $6.00/mo
$0.01/1st month with coupon code TRYINTERSERVER, more cloud hosting trials
URL: https://www.interserver.net/vps/

Managed VPS Hosting with SSD & Great Cloud Features, Price range $59/mo – $219/mo
– 2 GB RAM/2 vCPU/40 GB SSD Disk Space/10 TB Bandwidth/: $59/mo
– 2 GB RAM/2 vCPU/100 GB SSD Disk Space/10 TB Bandwidth/: $79/mo
– 4 GB RAM/4 vCPU/150 GB SSD Disk Space/10 TB Bandwidth/: $139/mo
– 8 GB RAM/8 vCPU/300 GB SSD Disk Space/10 TB Bandwidth/: $219/mo

Miss Hosting
7 packages price range $5/mo – $320/mo.
– 512 MB Memory/20 GB SSD Disk/1TB Bandwidth/1 CPU Cores: $5.00/mo
– 4 GB Memory/60 GB SSD Disk/4TB Bandwidth/2 CPU Cores: $40.00/mo
– 32 GB Memory/320 GB SSD Disk/7TB Bandwidth/8 CPU Cores: $320.00/mo
URL: https://misshosting.com/vps/

4 packages price range $24.99-$199.99
– 1 Cpu Cores/1GB Memory/25GB Space/300GB Bandwidth: $24.99
– 2 Cpu Cores/2GB Memory/40GB Space/500GB Bandwidth: $49.99
– 3 Cpu Cores/8GB Memory/100GB Space/2500GB Bandwidth: $199.99
Providing web hosting services since 2006. We own all of our equipment (servers, networking gears, power units, etc). Operating from Denver, CO & Chicago, IL – USA, UK & Singapore.
URL: https://www.softsyshosting.com/cloud-vps-servers/

12 packages price range £5.96/mo – £92.58/mo
– 256 MB Memory/50 GB Disk/1 CPU Cores: £5.96/mo
– 2 GB Memory/100 GB Disk/3 CPU Cores: £32.62/mo
– 8 GB Memory/120 GB Disk/8 CPU Cores: £92.58/mo
Visit https://www.uk2.net/vps-cloud-hosting/ | Uk2 Vouchers & User Reviews

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